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Several members of ECOH were present at the world’s most important conference on psychedelics, taking place in Denver, Colorado, during the month of June 2023

Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez Seminar “Psychedelics and Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness for Mental Health”

This symposium aims to present the latest advances in the science and clinical applications of psychedelic substances and non-ordinary states of consciousness for therapeutic and human development purposes.

Experts will deliver lectures on the utility of these compounds and states for the neuroscientific study of consciousness, their therapeutic potential, as well as traditional and contemporary applications. Subsequently, there will be a panel discussion with experts to address the challenges and opportunities of using these techniques and substances in the national and regional context.

The foundation’s president, Christopher Timmerman, along with Clinical Director Pilar del Río, were part of the Postgraduate Seminar: ‘History, Use, and Risks of Psychedelics,’ held on Saturday, June 17, 2023, at the Juan Gómez Millas Campus of the Universidad de Chile.

Fluvial 2022 – “The Therapeutic Role of Music in Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness”

The members of EcoH, Cristobal Dañobeitia (Sociologist) and Rubén Herzog (Biologist), discuss the role and impact of music in psychedelic experiences that generate therapeutic benefits.

Human Ecology Meeting

Between January 4th and 8th, 2021, the Human Ecology meeting organized by the ECOH Foundation took place at the San Francisco de Lagunillas Sanctuary. The event brought together various members of the foundation, including scientists and health professionals from Imperial College London, Universidad de Chile, Universitat de Barcelona, Universidad de Valparaíso, and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, among other educational institutions.

The meeting consisted of a series of seminars, conferences, and practical sessions associated with the study of human consciousness from an interdisciplinary perspective. Its aim was to bridge theoretical discussions with experiential work.

The topics covered in the talks included the effects of psychedelics and meditation on the brain and human experience, the state of the art in psychedelic therapy and meditation practices, and the approach that complexity sciences can provide for studying human consciousness and its alteration into non-ordinary states.

The experiential workshops involved a holotropic breathwork session, meditation and yoga practices, biodanza, and music therapy.

Currently, the ECOH Foundation is working on a book aimed at the general public that will synthesize the contents presented at the Human Ecology meeting.

This meeting was conducted in compliance with the COVID-19 measures set by the Ministry of Health for the aforementioned dates.