The ECOH Foundation has conducted the first courses associated with the science of psychedelics in Chile.

Psychedelics from a Neuroscientific Perspective

(Conducted in collaboration with Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez)

Directors: Dr. Constanza Baquedano y Dr. Christopher Timmermann

This online course provides a comprehensive understanding of the scientific foundations of the action of psychedelic substances on the brain, body, and experience. It explores the latest advances in the neurobiological and experiential bases of the effects of psychedelic substances on consciousness. The course also presents the psychophysiological mechanisms and ethical considerations behind their potential therapeutic use in the treatment of mental disorders. Throughout the program, the instructors – experts in biochemistry, neuroscience, psychiatry, psychology, and philosophy, among other disciplines – share knowledge, research, and clinical literature to provide a solid understanding of this emerging field.

Target audience: Psychologists, healthcare professionals (general physicians, nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, psychiatrists, nutritionists), researchers, and academics.

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Psychedelics from a Transdisciplinary Perspective: Current Experiences and State of the Research

(Conducted in collaboration with the Universidad de Chile)

Director:  Fernando Campos

This in-person course aims to foster a critical perspective on contemporary uses of psychedelic substances through theoretical tools from a transdisciplinary perspective.

Target audience: Professionals and advanced students in Health, Social Sciences, and Humanities, especially those in psychology, sociology, social work, and education.

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International Diploma in Multidisciplinary Studies of Psychedelics and Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy

Directors: Rodrigo Jarpa (Psychologist) and Christopher Timmermann (PhD)

This diploma is an entry point for healthcare professionals seeking science-informed knowledge pertaining psychedelic substances, their effects, and history. Participants will learn about the history, science, and state of the art of psychedelic substances and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. The program provides the necessary information to assess personal motivations and potential involvement in this emerging field of research and practice, seen as a significant part of future of mental health treatments.

Completion of this diploma does not certify the administration of psychedelic substances or the practice of psychedelic-assisted therapy. The use, administration, and practice of psychedelic-assisted therapy are regulated by the specific laws of different countries and/or states. The ECOH Foundation believes that multidisciplinary, accessible, and high-quality education on psychedelic substances is imperative to equip the next generations of researchers and mental health professionals with the information and knowledge needed to advance mental health and wellbeing.

Target audience: Psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, and other healthcare professionals.

Registrations Open. Click here for more information